Break out 2015


The Breakout Conference 2015 was held at High Leigh Conference Centre from Wednesday 30th to Friday 2nd October. 

This year was slightly different as we wanted to create our own learning community so that we learn together as pioneers from each other at the gathering. We explored together in different ways the responsibilities and vulnerabilities of being pioneers.

At this years gathering we explored together what a 'stripped back' pioneer might looked ike, it helped us reflect on our own anchor points and the support we might require. We heard lots of stories to help us think imaginatively about our own situations. Growth and multiplication are becoming buzz words in our churches and so we asked how this might impact our work as pioneers.This year for the first time there was a stream for 'new pioneers' as part of our programme. 

As usual there was plenty of time for meeting old and new friends, having fun,worshipping together and relaxing  This year we had a very special 'Thursday night experience' to let our hair down.  - Breakout Bollywood Bhangra party. We dressed up, busted some bhangra moves and a simple curry quiz.

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2014 George Lings &

George Lings

George Lings was a curate and then vicar for 22 years. From 1997 he has worked for Church Army, directing its Research Unit. His focus is ecclesiology and the re-imagination of Church.

He served on the working party producing the 1994 church planting report Breaking New Ground. He later wrote large parts of Mission-shaped Church, which has had a seminal effect in several continents. He has spoken about fresh expressions of Church around the developed world. His doctorate was on a component of the theological foundations for fresh expressions of Church.

Other outputs include lecturing at various dioceses and colleges, and from 1999-2012 published the fruits of research into local stories through the quarterly Church Army booklets Encounters on the Edge. He became a Canon of Sheffield Cathedral in 2011.

Martin Daws &

Martin Daws

An outstanding performance poet whose live sets blend free musicality and innovative lyricism in a unique improvised theatre, Martin Daws' work explores life, history, nature and who the hell we think we are, anyway!

With extensive experience performing both as a headline and feature poet at spoken word shows, music events and major festivals, Martin is widely acknowledged as a highly original poet whose performances guarantee power, edge and tenderness in equal measure.

In recognition of his exceptional work as a poetry activist Martin Daws was announced in April 2013 as Young People's Laureate for Wales. Currently very active in this role, Martin works across Wales to engage and inspire young people to empower themselves through their creativity.

Olive Drane

Olive Drane

Olive Fleming Drane is an affiliate professor in the School of Theology 
of Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, California and a Fellow of St John’s 
College, Durham. Until recently she was also chaplain at International 
Christian College in Glasgow, where she lives. She is the author of 
Clowns, Storytellers, Disciples (Fortress Augsburg 2004) and 
Spirituality to Go: rituals and reflections for everyday living (Darton 
Longman & Todd 2006), and was the lead researcher for a major report on 
fresh expressions of church in Scotland – Reformed, Reforming, Emerging 
and Experimental (Church of Scotland 2011). She is a regular speaker 
on new forms of church at conferences and other events and wrote the 
worship materials for the mission shaped ministry course.

2013: Stuart Murray Williams

Stuart Murray Williams

Stuart Murray Williams works as a trainer and consultant under the auspices of the Anabaptist Network. Based in Bristol, he travels widely in the UK and overseas and works with local churches, mission agencies, denominational leaders, conferences and individuals. . His particular areas of expertise  include church planting,urban mission,  mission in post-Christendom and the contribution of the Anabaptist tradition to contemporary missiology. He is the founder of Urban Expression, a pioneering urban church planting agency with teams in several cities in the UK and in The Netherlands. He has written many books, recent publications include Post-Christendom: Church and Mission in a Strange New World (Paternoster 2004), Church after Christendom (Paternoster 2005), Changing Mission (CTBI 2006), Planting Churches: A Framework for Practitioners (Paternoster 2008) and The Naked Anabaptist (Herald 2010). He is married to Sian, who is a tutor at the Baptist College in Bristol.

2012: Ann Morisy

Ann Morisy

Ann Morisy is a freelance community theologian and lecturer. She directed the Commission that wrote the report 'Faithful Cities' and has written on the spirituality of public transport, ageing, neighbourliness as a radical, and has written two bestselling books - Beyond the Good Samaritan and Journeying Out.

2011: Jonny Baker

Breakout Gathering September 2011 invited Jonny Baker from CMS (Church Missionary Society) to come and share with us. Jonny picked the title “DREAMERS WHO DO”. He explained that dreamers who do are that kind of people who are able to see, imagine, dream differently to broker newness but they are also able to then catalyse actively that leads to the transformation envisioned.

Jonny then looked at three themes:
Prophetic Imagination - “The task of prophetic ministry is to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture around us.”
Prophetic Ministry - “There can be no constructive change at all, even in church, unless there is some form of dissent. By dissent I mean simply the proposing of alternatives, and a system that is not continuously examining alternatives is not likely to evolve creatively.”
Prophetic Mission - “Prophecy might be the best single word to describe the reality of mission in today's world”

With over eighty delegates gathering we had a real treat and challenge from Jonny so to hear more from him on these topics go to the downloads page.