Its time to move on and say thank you to all who have played a part in Breakout gathering since 2008 The gathering for Pionerrs around the world.
The Pioneer Breakout gathering celebrated 10 years in 2018 and over that time has connected with 800 people – and how we celebrated - wisdom from GREAT PRACTITIONERS, wonderful creative, worship, great networking, listening to one another and the Father, lots of food and CHILLING OUT. Socials that included quiz’s,major and Bhangra new friendships made and lies transformed.
Blessings to you all.
The breakout team
Grace and peace,


John Keskeys, Niki Redsell, Kinder Kalsai, Chris Duffett, Christine Lee, Tim Lea.


A reminder that Breakout has been about;

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2018 was our 10 year anniversary.... and we have connected with over 800 pioneers......

We were excited to have Roy Searle who helped us explore ‘Adventures of the Spirit’ as we unpacked the Celtic way of pioneering. He shared the history of celtic spirituality, key saints to help us as we pioneer.

We had sung and reflective worship throughout the 3 days where Ali. Kevin, Lucy and Josi used Body Prayer and percussion to remind us of Gods heartbeat, that is with us all the time.


Space to chat to chaplains and network.  

The workshops helped us in different ways from Stewardship, Creative art, Gong deeper with oy and  one of the workshops was with Jane Alton, who  shared especially in how their idea of the anam chara (soul friend) may be a model for mentoring or contemporary spiritual friendships. It was great to have Jane around to chat over the 3 days.


Thank you to all those who came to the 2018 gathering

Some pics here

Final communion around the Lake

Around the Fire

Gift of afternoon cream tea





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We are working together as a partnership and as such the DATA that we hold will only be used in conjunction with Breakout.